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PulseHRM Payroll management software

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PulseHRM Payroll Management process

Payroll Management

PulseHRM PayWorld is a web based online payroll software aimed at fast growing small to mid-sized organizations that allows you to automate the payroll processing in real-time and help in compliance with statutory & regulatory requirements.

PulseHRM PayWorld simplifies the salary payments and tax processing by bringing together multiple streams of inputs and adherence to statutory requirements resulting in a seamless payroll processing experience.

This results in improved accuracy and record keeping capability along with control, huge savings in valuable time otherwise spent on generating payslips for your employees.

All this, with a user-friendly interface that can be easily configured to your specific business needs.

Among all the trending cloud based payroll solutions, PulseHRM's 'PayWorld' steals the show as it is fully leveraged payroll software that provides you seamless integration with all the essential components of the payroll and saves tons of time & workload.


PulseHRM payroll management
Flexible Salary Structure

Adopt the pre-defined and optimized salary structures to get started right away. Need more complex structures? Create and manage multiple salary structures and assign them to employees at various levels by leveraging the configuration flexibility that PulseHRM PayWorld provides.

PulseHRM payroll system
Payroll Processing

Setup and automate your payroll procedures with ease and let PulseHRM PayWorld accurately compute the salary for all employees taking into account different earnings, leave & attendance policies, pro-rata salary, bonus, arrears, loan deductions, taxes and statutory deductions.

Run payroll with a few easy steps anytime, anywhere and as many times as you need to ensure 100% accuracy.

PulseHRM Payroll management software
Employee Self Service

Using self service module, an employee can view all their relevant job related letters, payslips, tax declarations, offer, promotion etc.

Customized pay slips can be generated in PDF, and can be published online in self service and employees can then view/download them per their convenience.

You can also provide your employees an option to fill their investment declaration forms online and let them do their income tax calculations.

Onboard with PulseHRM
Onboarding and Exit

PulseHRM provides easy setup of new employees on payroll with smooth transition of their past payroll data.

Exit formalities are supported with the system taking care of all settlement aspects like checklist, recovery of pending dues, loans, leave encashment, notice period pay etc.

Statutory Compliance with PulseHRM
Statutory Compliance

PulseHRM PayWorld automatically handles all the statutory deductions – PF, PT, ESI, TDS etc. as per the prevalent statutory requirements. The system also provides all payroll reports – PT reports, TDS returns, PF ECR file, ESI returns, Form 16, Form 20 etc.

Expense management software
Loan & Salary Advance

PulseHRM PayWorld features an intuitive Loan & Salary advance module that can be used to manage the company provided loans along with definition of eligibility criteria, track employees availing such facilities, repayment schedules, EMI, deductions per month and include them for payroll deductions.

PulseHRM Payroll management software
Integrated Leave, Time & Attendance

PulseHRM PayWorldgets all basic employee information including job, compensation, pay group, tax declaration, salary advances and other details from PulseHRM HRMS/self-service to accurately calculate your employees' salary and taxes.

The native integration with PulseHRM's leave, time and attendance modules allows you to create rules and implement policies that govern how overtime is paid and absence is deducted accurately.

Payroll management
Bulk Upload/Update

Managing your data has never been easier – use the bulk upload utility based off of excel templates for uploading any type of employee data. You can upload data all at once and also export them all in excel format.

If you have third party systems to maintain and manage your leaves, time and attendance, use the upload utility to import the leave, time data into payroll for appropriate processing.

Bulk update can update salary information for multiple employees together, resulting in further savings in time.