PulseConnect is all about communication on the move on disperse devices (phones, tablets and desktops). In the current bring your own device (BYOD) work culture PulseConnects open up doors for a well-integrated and connected workforce that drives great value to your top line business.

PulseConnect works across all internet enabled devices including desktop or laptop computers, tablets and mobile smartphones. Employees can chat share messages, pictures, videos, voice notes and documents in a secure way across multiple platforms.

Secure and integrated workplace communication messenger
  • Fast & Secure – broadcast or reach out to your employees and colleagues
  • Organize– groups by project, topics, teams etc. so everyone has a transparent and real time view of what is going on
  • Instant Notification & Real-time – Never miss messages. Connect with colleagues 1-to-1 or group messaging, across devices to get the answers you need, when you need them.
  • Share & Collaborate – send files, image, video and voice messages
  • Easy Administration – enable / disable access or wipe out stored content remotely.
  • Engagement– get insights as per employee level and engagement to posts /polls in terms of views, comments/feedback.
  • Confidential information – auto delete when read by recipients after specified time
  • Restrict Messages– from being copied or forwarded if it is meant only for the receiver

Features For You

PulseConnect offers multiple features for better user interaction.

Drive Value into your employee engagement
  • Group communications based on teams where updates can be shared on a real-time basis and everyone on the team is connected
  • HR department can send out important notifications/announcements to the entire employee base
  • Poll/surveys/feedback/employee engagement activities can be taken up through the tool
  • Send confidential/sensitive information with the appropriate security indicator level

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